Who We Are

Dizzyrex is an independent animation and graphic design company that aims to provide creative, appealing, and high-quality content to aid in the advertising and branding of our clients' projects and businesses. We hope to build long-lasting and beneficial relationships with our clients by guaranteeing they are completely satisfied with the quality of our work and our ability to meet their demands.

Located in Southern California's High Desert, Dizzyrex is comprised of passionate, talented, and hard-working individuals who thrive on customer satisfaction. With several years of industry experience, we have the creative ability and technical knowledge to tackle any project.

What We Do

We transform our clients' ideas into a visual medium that can be used for advertising, promoting and branding of events, projects or businesses. We specialize in commercial advertisements, websites, logos, graphics, and more.

We can incorporate both 2D and 3D elements into our products to create something unique and eye-catching. Whether you need a flyer to promote an upcoming concert, a website for your company, or an animated mascot for a commercial, we can provide you with custom content that will stand out among the competition.

Our Work

Demo Reel

Asset Creation, Mulitmedia Graphics, Animation

Light Bulbs


Moving Company




Full Armor

Blu-Ray/DVD Design and Authoring


Graphic Design



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